Ideally, I wanted to title the article as “My Right Bum” but that might not have attracted the right kind of audience. Hence, I kept it a little technical (Gluteus Maximus) and being in IT (Information Technology) for over a decade, this goes well with my nerdy profile.

The objective of this article is to draw a parallel between a personal incident and mental illness. I have been thinking to write this article for the last few months but was scared to be judged or questioned on personal mental health status. …

Does size REALLY matter?

Does size REALLY matter?

Before you grind your teeth and fantasize about your worst nightmare, let me assure and disappoint you at the same time. There is nothing inappropriate or below the belt in this article. Instead, I have tried to use my imagination to take a jibe at a society obsessed with physical appearance.

The inspiration for the article is from the life of a dwarf
who fought against all odds and made a mark in the Indian film industry. I have never believed in romanticizing hard work, yet the lessons learned from this man are far beyond the realms of hard work.

M.M Faruqui (a.k.a Lilliput)

Value stream mapping is a great tool to assist in embracing the DevOps culture. A lot of information is available online and I will shy away from re-writing those concepts. I have cited some useful links in the references section for readers interested in the VSM approach to implement DevOps.

In this article, I want to extend the information available online & use VSM methodology to visualize an IaC (Infrastructure as Code) framework. It is advisable to have a basic understanding of DevOps, VSM, and IaC before reading this article.

Before we dig deep into this article, let’s look at…

Because it’s therapeutic.

Photo by hannah grace on Unsplash

I was a lost cause at school. My grades were low and going to school was distressing to say the least. I could not make sense of most of the subjects.

The biggest struggle, though, was with English language and literature. Grammar was never my beloved friend and Shakespeare was a complete nightmare.

Seeing me struggle with grades and in particular with English, my mother gave me a piece of valuable advice. She said: Son, Write your garbage”.

“Write your garbage” — What does that even mean?

I asked her — “What does it mean, Ma?”

She responded — “Write…

Evolution of Software Development and Maintenance.

Most IT professionals in today’s world are aware of Agile methodology. The Agile methodology enables better collaboration between the customer and the IT. With Agile, the power of teamwork is being realized.

Agile is an iterative approach that concentrates on continuous delivery. The focus is to start small and get timely and constructive customer feedback for improvements.

The Agile principles looked great but they were mere guidelines. As the software development industry evolved with Agile, some issues were identified.

  • Development, Operations & Security teams were working in independent silos.
  • There was a dependency on…

Smoking is not injurious to health, the reasons are.

Photo by Bevs & Burns on Unsplash

I started smoking at the age of Eighteen. I had seen my father smoke all his life. It made me curious. Smoking gave me a sense of false adulthood.

“Youth is wasted on the young” — George Bernard Shaw.

Before I could realize it, smoking became a tool to combat stress. Moreover, it did a bloody good job at it.

Smoking was a great networking tool as well. It helped me to initiate insightful conversations with clients, senior managers, and colleagues.

Worth mentioning — a smoke after a few drinks felt…

It’s been close to 14 years since that eventful day in India. Today, I ask myself — “What were the odds”

It was September 2006. My life was about to change. I was in my fourth and final year of Engineering.

Our college was invited to attend a job fair. The job fair was happening in Dehradun, India. It was approximately 240 km (150 miles) away from my College. Our college administration was arranging transport and accommodation for the students.

The students were asked to contribute INR 5000 (70 USD) for a two-day trip. …

Let’s measure our life quotients. Shall we?

Made using Microsoft PowerPoint
Made using Microsoft PowerPoint

How is success measured? Is it measured with the brand of clothes we wear or the number of zeroes in our payslip? Is it gauged with the school or university we attend to, or the model of iPhone we own? (Sorry Apple, I am an Android fan and I don’t need to sell my kidneys to buy it.)

What is the problem in measuring success with what you own? I don’t have any. My problem is with the tool used to predict success. This is a common problem. …

“They are waiting”. These are the words from a dear friend, a mentor, and the reviewer of this article Tom Ware.

What does the phrase “They are waiting” mean? It means people are waiting for you to stand up and speak. The world is waiting for you to take charge, inspire, and make an impact.

To be able to speak is a gift but to be able to make an impact with your words is an art. Words have the potential of changing lives. Why not use them?

My first exposure to public speaking was in my school days. Friends…

Listening is one of the most undervalued skills in today’s world. We live in a world where we listen and react, rather than consider and respond.

Wait? What does that mean?

Let’s try and understand this with an interesting and funny story. The story revolves around three characters. A loving husband (Jack), a nagging wife (Melinda), and a friendly doctor (Arun).


One day, Melinda was experiencing a stomach ace. She asked Jack to book an appointment with his doctor friend Arun. The couple visited the clinic and some tests were performed. Arun told the couple that the pain was due…

tarun bhatt

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