Ideally, I wanted to title the article as “My Right Bum” but that might not have attracted the right kind of audience. Hence, I kept it a little technical (Gluteus Maximus) and being in IT (Information Technology) for over a decade, this goes well with my nerdy profile.

The objective of this article is to draw a parallel between a personal incident and mental illness. I have been thinking to write this article for the last few months but was scared to be judged or questioned on personal mental health status. …

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I started my career as a Java developer. After six years of love-hate relationship, I jumped into the world of .Net and never looked back. In my hunt to learn new technologies, I stumbled across Kotlin and found this an excellent opportunity to get my hands dirty at java again.

Over the past three years, my mantra to learn anything new has been to write about it. So here it comes. Please join me in saying “Hi to Kotlin.”

What is Kotlin?

  1. Kotlin is an open-source language JVM language. It means that Kotlin compiles down to java byte code. It also means Java…

What does gratitude indeed mean?

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Olympics share numerous stories to the world about how people pursue their passions and create something extraordinary. It takes years of hard work, discipline, and a bit of luck to compete in the Olympics, leave along winning a medal.

But it’s the Paralympics that catches my attention. I am not comparing Olympics and Paralympics here; each has its place in the world of entertainment and sports.

Paralympics is simply a celebration of unique abilities. It’s a platform that demonstrates resilience, courage, and determination.


DRY — Don’t Repeat yours

One of the most used development practices is to follow the DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) principle. The objective of this principle is to avoid duplication of code. It eliminates technical debt and promotes easy maintenance of code.

At times, it could be tricky following the DRY principle as it can violate the Single responsibility principle if we combine a lot of functionality in one place or write a lot of conditional logic.

One of how we can adhere to DRY principles without the fear of violating SRP is by using Generics. I will be using…

I love Apple

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I bought my first and only Apple product in 2013. It was an iPhone 5 and I was very excited. Since I got it as part of specials, I didn’t have to sell my kidney to buy it. I came back home with this new toy and charged it with 100% battery. I used it to FaceTime with my friends and installing other apps.

In a matter of hours, the phone showed a low battery. I was surprised as I heard so much about Apple products. …

Respect the privacy.

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The SOLID principle is a subset of the many tenets promoted by American software engineer and instructor Robert C Martin, known as “Uncle Rob.” In this article, I would be talking about one of the S{O}LID principles, i.e., Open-Closed Principle(OCP).

I would use C# for demonstrating code, but OCP is language-agnostic.

The official definition of OCP is:

software entities (classes, modules, functions, etc.) should be open for extension, but closed for modification

Benefits of OCP

OCP recommends practices that make it easy to upgrade software applications. …

Because they may be.

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I am a big fan of Les Brown, and the title of this blog comes straight from one of his speeches. I have been listening to Les Brown for over five years now, but I only recently made complete sense of this phrase. In this article, I will try to explain — Why and How?

What is fear?

Motivational speakers are known for their powerful quotes. Most of them make sense, but their effect lasts for a few hrs or, at max, a few days. I like to feel these quotes to be able to implement and grow in my life. …

Octopus is one of the most commonly used DevOps tools in the software industry. One of the critical reasons for their success is the simplicity and abundance of information present online.

In the past few months, I have been working on a Windows server migration project. It involved creating new targets, roles, and environments.

Despite all the information available online, I was consistently confused while creating targets, roles and updating existing Octopus projects. To make things easier, I came up with some diagrams to visualize the concepts of environment, roles, and targets.

In this article, I am publishing those diagrams…

Does size REALLY matter?

Does size REALLY matter?

Before you grind your teeth and fantasize about your worst nightmare, let me assure and disappoint you at the same time. There is nothing inappropriate or below the belt in this article. Instead, I have tried to use my imagination to take a jibe at a society obsessed with physical appearance.

The inspiration for the article is from the life of a dwarf
who fought against all odds and made a mark in the Indian film industry. I have never believed in romanticizing hard work, yet the lessons learned from this man are far beyond the realms of hard work.

M.M Faruqui (a.k.a Lilliput)

Value stream mapping is a great tool to assist in embracing the DevOps culture. A lot of information is available online and I will shy away from re-writing those concepts. I have cited some useful links in the references section for readers interested in the VSM approach to implement DevOps.

In this article, I want to extend the information available online & use VSM methodology to visualize an IaC (Infrastructure as Code) framework. It is advisable to have a basic understanding of DevOps, VSM, and IaC before reading this article.

Before we dig deep into this article, let’s look at…

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